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Liability Waiver & Payment Agreement 

The enrollee is aware in making this agreement to participate in training in the martial arts that
certain elements of this training are physically demanding and potentially dangerous, and with this
knowledge agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from all losses caused by accident or injury to the
Instructor, his assistants, or any third parties who may be enrollees of the same class or seminar or who are
students with the Instructor, if the enrollee or the said third party is injured in any way during
the proper performance and execution of techniques or instruction provided in this training.

This release shall also include any landlord or leaseholder of any training facility in which training
is conducted. I also agree that the terms hereof shall serve as a release and assumption of risk for my heirs,
executors, and administrators, and for all members of my family, including any minors.

The enrollee attests that he/she is in good physical condition and has no known or suspected medical
conditions that would preclude vigorous physical activity. Enrollee is required to understand self-defense
laws and use of force in self-protection or self-defense where martial arts training may not cover this
subject. It is further agreed that the enrollee's name, photograph, or other representation for 
promotion or publicity for this martial art program or the instructor may be used. As part of the
consideration for participation, the enrollee acknowledges and assumes all these risks and wishes to enroll
in this course of instruction.

I understand all equipment/uniforms/sparring gear/everything must be purchased through Fusion Freestyle.

I authorize all charges against my credit card.
I authorize a monthly recurring charge against my credit card.

I understand there is a membership cancellation fee, plus a 30-day required notice in writing.

I understand my membership will be billed automatically one last month once I submit my cancellation.
I understand there is a hiatus fee per student if membership is suspended each month not canceled.
I understand all fees incurred outside of this agreement will be billable.
I understand an increase in monthly fees will occur for intermediate and advanced belt promotions.

I understand new uniform fees will occur for intermediate and advanced belt promotions.

I understand failure to meet my payment obligations will result in debt collection and additional fees.

Fusion Freestyle Liability Waiver and Payment Agreement Form

Thanks for submitting!

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