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We are Pike Creek Wilmington Delaware's version of "Cobra Kai". This American Karate Mixed Martial Arts self-defense academy dedicated to teaching children and adults the best techniques at the best rates. As such, we teach techniques from across the Mixed Martial Arts spectrum to provide the most well-rounded American Karate foundation possible. If you're a parent looking to build confidence and discipline in your child so they learn how to stand up for themselves or if you're an adult looking to get fit while learning to develop a skill set in self-defense then this is the right place for you.

Our programs offer a fun, safe, non-threatening training experience that focuses exclusively on strategies to proactively prepare to act against violent encounters through the life-changing journey to Black Belt. Students of all ages learn to deal with all types of close-quarters combat scenarios while emphasizing the importance of avoiding danger and conflict resolution. Our multidisciplinary curriculum prepares students with the best techniques self-defense cross-training has to offer in one complete systematic approach to build proficient and highly effective skills, essential strength, and conditioning.

Reality-based concepts include learning falls, rolls, throws, striking, joint locks, grappling, kicking, chokes, and compliance techniques both standing and on the ground while fitness focuses on physical and mental wellness. Instead of focusing on one style, our training offers a truly hybrid approach that maximizes one’s effectiveness to become a thoroughly skilled martial artist by using a wide range of principles that have been selected to create our curriculum. If it works we teach it, because of this approach we produce the most competent abilities in Black Belt self-defense skills.

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Feel free to call 302.824.2769 with any questions.

9am-7pm Monday thru Friday.


$99 - AGES 4.5-7 2 DAYS PER WEEK













Black Belt Anti-victim & Bully-proof Training to Help Proactively Prepare to Act Against Violence. 

Fusion Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts Stud


Parents give your kids the gift of self-defense classes that are fun, safe, and packed with exciting drills that will keep your kids motivated to earn their Black Belt! We focus on giving your children the gift of early development to build confidence and discipline for life by starting their Black Belt journey at a young age. Kids classes begin to form the building blocks of bully proof mixed martial arts at an age-appropriate pace with plenty of repetition and lots of fun to develop well-rounded skills that will serve them for years to come as they grow to teens. 


We offer life skills teens need to be successful. Teens work towards Black Belt by proactively developing protective and problem-solving behaviors to prevent, avoid, and prepare to act against violent encounters with training. Teen classes build strength, confidence, and awareness that bully-proofs them by providing the empowerment of when to walk away or how to fight back as a necessary last resort. Our self-defense training teaches the skills and strategies to help teens stay safe in any situation that they find themselves in. 


Have you always wanted to learn martial arts self-defense skills? Our program will get you in great shape! We have adults 18 and up that take our classes and it's never to late to get your Black Belt. This class is for every adult from all walks of life that wants to get in the best shape of their life while also learning self-protection skills. Our Adult Martial Arts classes combine the best aspects of fitness and life-saving self-defense skills. Our classes help adults of all ages stay active and maintain motivation like never before.

Bully-proof Anti-victim - American Karat
Virtual Lessons- Fusion Freestyle Mixed
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In an effort to help STOP BULLYING our partnership programs build awareness at childcare centers, elementary schools, and public locations. Local organizations team-up with us to offer our expert-level curriculum to teach kids bully-proof skills on-site at their locations. Our instructors bring all the equipment to provide the best 30-45 minutes of a child’s week through a curriculum aligned with early childhood learning standards to help against bullying through the benefits of martial arts.  


Quite simply we put together the very best home study course in Self-defense available anywhere. Join our live online virtual classes and earn a Black Belt and get in great shape. Our virtual classes are a huge success! Train for your black belt, help develop your children’s confidence, or simply stay fit and balanced with the expert mixed martial arts instructors. We offer live virtual private or group lessons and also offer hundreds of pre-video recordings in an online YouTube library. 


Students can also arrange for private instruction. Whether you’re new to martial arts and want to train by yourself or exclusively with friends and family, or you’re a current member who wants to improve on the skills you’ve learned in class, private training sessions provide you with one on one tuition with our professional instructors who will focus specifically on your needs, effectively helping you reach your goals. Private training is available for anyone; any age, any style, any level.




Earn Your Black Belt In The Most Well-Rounded

Training Program in Pike Creek Delaware.

American Karate is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of Mixed Martial Arts standing and ground fighting concepts. The American Karate Mixed Martial Arts curriculum focuses on self-defense cross-training in multiple fighting systems of systems to become proficient in all the phases of unarmed combat. Classes provide a diverse multidisciplined Fusion of traditional "old school" Karate blended with the Freestyle of modern "new school" MMA methodologies to create well-rounded Black Belt skill sets. No individual can claim to be the founder of American Karate as it has developed gradually in the United States as one of the first Mixed Martial Arts.

Every country has martial arts systems unique to their native lands. American Karate represents a melting pot of Mixed Martial Arts pioneered in the United States that has become a staple in our communities dating back to the 1940s. American Karate is known as a hybrid, eclectic, or freestyle fighting system of systems, which incorporates techniques and theories from several disciplines from around the world. Unlike traditional rigid eastern karate styles, the idea of eclecticism is the foundation of the American versions of Karate. American Karate continues to evolve through constant learning, growing, and gaining new knowledge with no limits or boundaries.

Because our curriculum extracts the most effective striking, grappling, and ground fighting self-defense techniques from various combat styles practitioners become highly skilled without the need to spend the time and investment in studying multiple arts. The style has been built throughout the years by borrowing techniques from the masters of many different styles and putting them together into a cohesive program. This system of systems is open-ended. This means that new techniques are always welcomed and old ones may be discarded or refined.  The end goal is to have the student express his own creativity and individuality. 



Our Certified Black Belt Team Has a Combined 60 Years of Experience with A Deep Linage. 






Grandmaster Sensei Harman is a modern pioneer of the continuous evolution of Karate in America with multiple Black Belts and training in many styles. In 2006 Sensei Harman founded Fusion Freestyle an American Karate Mixed Martial Arts school that focuses on the Americanization of Karate using a blend of traditional methods and modern trends. Sensei is a battle-tested instructor that has been in many situations where martial arts helped him resolve conflict and he also competed in many sports tournaments taking first and second place throughout the east coast.

Sensei Harman's American Karate Mixed Martial Arts lineage began by being raised by a Police officer and Military serviceman that taught him real-world hand-to-hand combat tactics throughout his upbringing. At age 7, he started American Tangsoodo Karate before moving to American Taekwondo Karate at 14. At age 18 he took American Boxing into his 20's. In his 20's Sensei became an assistant instructor in American Goju Karate where he learned the skill of teaching and American Kobodu Weapons. Sensei also studied American Tanbojutsu, American Judo/Jujitsu, and American Vee-Jitsu. He then moved on to American Kempo and studied JKD for many years. 

Sensei went on to train under Joe Lewis in his American Karate Fighting system. Joe Lewis was part of the Tracy Kenpo Jiujitsu organization an offshoot of American Kenpo where he adapted Kenpo Jiujitsu with American Kickboxing. Joe Lewis was also trained by the father of Mixed Martial Arts Bruce Lee who was trained under the famous Ip Man so Lewis incorporated much of the Jeet Kune Do Kung Fu philosophy. Sensei also practices and teaches Taichi Qigong & Zen Yoga as part of the Fusion Freestyle American Karate Mixed Martial Arts Curriculum. Sensei's training methods are committed to self-defense, fitness, wellness, health, healing, and longevity.


To ensure top quality instruction, all Instructors must graduate with honors from the Fusion Freestyle Instructors classes taught in extreme conditions with rigorous cross-training. Our Instructors must constantly refine their teaching and organizational skills to make your Martial Arts training experience exciting and enjoyable. Upon completion of this unique training course, we certify them to teach our system. Fully qualified, they are prepared to help you with all aspects of your training.

Sensei Bonano 2ND Degree Black Belt with 15 Years of Martial Arts training at FFMMA under Sensei Harman. He has lots of experience from combat backgrounds. He started in Kung Fu moving on to Judo and then Jiujitsu before falling in love with the American Karate style of training and it's traditional mixed martial arts concepts. He trains the adult and teen students in real application of self defense.

Sensei Al G 3rd Degree Black Belt training at FFMMA under Sensei Harman with  30 Years in Kempo, Universal Movement MMA and American Freestyle Karate Training. He is  an intense fitness teacher  that loves American Karate. He is amazing with his fitness training and agility training as well as weapons techniques.  He helps with fitness and learning self-defense, confidence focus ,discipline and fun.

Sensei Hunsiker 2ND Degree Black Belt with 8 Years American Karate training at FFMMA under Sensei Harman. He teaches our Adult and Teens streetwise American Karate self defense classes with practical applications for the real world.  He love teaching technical details with our system to all ages. He helps students perfect their own techniques with his knowledge.

Sensei Zulkowski 2ND Degree Black Belt with 12 Years American Karate training at FFMMA under Sensei Harman. He teaches our Kids classes. He is the foundation that gives the kids a beginning path to start their journey. Mini Ninja classes ages 4-7 year learn a lot and have a blast in an exciting  and challenging American Karate atmosphere.




Located In A Full Fitness Gym Facility With Tons of Amenities For The Entire Family to Enjoy.


  • 3200 sq/ft Space

  • Parent Viewing Area

  • Table Style Seating

  • Locker-Rooms

  • Private Family Dressing Room

  • Shakes, Snacks, Beverage Station

  • Security Camera's

  • Water Fountains

  • Zen Music

  • MMA Equipment

  • WIFI

  • Large Parking Lot


  • AGES 4 to 5 (1 Hour)
    Monday / Wednesday 630pm-7pm

  • AGES 6 to Adult (1 Hour)
    Monday / Wednesday 6pm-7pm


  • AGES 8 to Adult (1 Hour)
    Saturday 11:30am-12:30pm


  • Black Belt Instructors (2 Hour)
    Tuesday / Thursday 6pm-8pm


  • AGES 18 Plus Private Lessons
    By Appointment 

4905 Mermaid Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19808



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Sensei Zulkowski 2ND Degree Black Belt with 12 Years American Karate training at FFMMA under Sensei Harman. He teaches our Kids classes. He is the foundation that gives the kids a beginning path to start their journey. Mini Ninja classes ages 4-7 year learn a lot and have a blast in an exciting  and challenging American Karate atmosphere.