Become Fierce, Fit & Bully-Proof

$125 5 Week Membership


  • Locked in Monthly Rate

  • 1 Free Week of Classes

  • 1 Free Uniform, MMA Gloves, Weapon

  • 1 Free Sling Bag

  • ALL Belt Promotions Included

  • 1 Hour Classes for ALL Ages

  • Online Video Access

  • 30 Day Contract Termination


  • Spacious, Clean, and Safe

  • Parent Viewing Area

  • Locker Rooms

  • Private Family Dressing Room

  • Pro shop - Shakes, Snacks, Beverages

  • Security Camera's

  • Water Fountains

  • Zen Music

  • MMA Equipment

  • Large parking lot


  • All Members - 4 to Adult
    Monday / Wednesday 6pm-7pm


  • All Members - 8 to Adult
    Saturday 11:30am-12:30pm


  • Black Belt Instructors 
    Tuesday / Thursday 6pm-7pm

  • Friday / Saturday Private Lessons

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4905 Mermaid Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19808


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Join Pike Creeks Leader in Modern Self Defense Martial Arts

$125 5 Week Membership Includes Uniform, Gloves, Bag, Belt Tests and More

(302) 824-2769

4905 Mermaid Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19808

We are behind the Pike Creek Acme just off of Limestone Rd on the second floor of D-Fit.

Fusion Freestyle Martial Arts Studio of American Karate is Pike Creek Delaware's leader in anti-victim & bully-proof self-defense training. 

Our Black Belt programs provide a fusion of traditional martial arts unified with the freestyle of mixed martial arts for children, teens and adults.

Students love our memberships that include upfront affordable rates, all equipment, belt testing, 30 day contracts, 1 hour classes and no extra fee's.








Feel free to call 302.824.2769 with any questions.

9am-7pm Monday thru Friday.



Members seek our anti-victim & bully-proof self-defense classes that help students stay safe. 


Start your kids Black Belt journey early and give your children the gift of confidence for life. Kids classes begin to form the building blocks of bully proof martial arts at an age appropriate pace with plenty of repetition and lots of fun. Our Kids Martial Arts classes here at FFMA are the perfect way for students to develop well-rounded skills that will serve them for years to come. All experience levels are welcome!


While working towards Black Belt, teens proactively develop protective and problem-solving behaviors to prevent, avoid, and prepare to act against violent encounters. Teen classes build strength, confidence, and awareness that bully-proofs them by providing the empowerment of when to walk away or how to fight back as a necessary last resort. Our self-defense training teaches the skills and strategies to help teens stay safe in any situation. 


We have adults 18-65 that take our classes and it's never to late to get your Black Belt. This class is for every adult from all walks of life that wants to get in the best shape of their life while also learning self protection skills. Our Adult Martial Arts classes combine the best aspects of fitness and traditional self-defense skills. We're helping men and women of all ages stay active and maintain motivation like never before.



We welcome any new student who would like to learn modern martial arts self defense concepts.

At Fusion Freestyle Martial Arts Studio of American Karate, we provide the best no-nonsense self-defense training to students from all walks of life in Pike Creek Delaware. Our American Karate programs focuses on eclectic training concepts, principles and modifications to traditional martial arts techniques for today’s mixed martial arts times. 

Through our superior training, our goal is to change the world one black belt at a time through intense training, perseverance and commitment to honing self-defense skills. Students who earn a black belt will learn how to defend themselves properly through hard work and dedication to our training regiment.

Our adaptive martial arts curriculum is constantly refined to provide reliable striking and grappling techniques to deal with modern self-defense scenarios. We supply students with the knowledge to defend themselves in virtually any situation and at the same time, provide them with the life skills needed to achieve their goals.

We don’t hide our prices. They’re right up on our web site and include everything you need to become a member. When you walk in the door, you know what you’ll be paying – and as long as you stay current, your prices will never go up and we will never ask you for another dime.

We enroll only a small amount of new students every year to focus on the quality rather then quantity. We have 4 to 5 adult black belt instructors teaching at all times and maintain a low student/teacher ratio to ensure that students get the individualized attention they need. 


We provide the community with extremely effective training in a positive, fun and safe environment. 


American Karate offers the fusion of traditional martial arts unified with the freestyle of mixed martial arts.


On a mission to teach practical streetwise martial arts for empowerment and improved fitness.


FFMA provides American Karate training, an eclectic fighting discipline born in the United States in 1946 that has become a mainstay in American culture for generations to provide a student with a means to effectively defend themselves, stay in great shape and develop the characteristics of a well-rounded Black Belt.


FFMA teaches a multi-disciplined approach to self-defense through which students experience a blend of highly effective methods of striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, from the best Mixed Martial Arts techniques integrated with Traditional Martial Arts structured classes that include etiquette, uniforms, belts, weapons and drills.


FFMA is here to encourage kids, teens and adults to develop anti-victim and bully-proof self-defense confidence, commitment and courage to defend themselves, their hopes, and their dreams. We work hard to maintain a safe, supportive environment where students can build their skills throughout their Black Belt journey.


FFMA is committed to providing superior no-nonsense training that allows a student to seek perfection and self-enlightenment through dedicated practice that conditions the body physically and mentally while developing the ability to react in a conflict without hesitation based on muscle memory achieved through extensive training.

Founded in 1946, American Karate is an American version of karate that supports the American way of life in the United States. It is a contemporary blend of various mixed martial arts within a traditional martial arts framework. American Karate is not bound to specific cultural styles, customs, beliefs or rituals. It takes from a plethora of useful fighting concepts and disregards what is useless as a living style, constantly evolving, adapting and changing. This open style promotes martial arts cross training and acknowledgment that no single art is superior in itself and that a well rounded martial artist is one who remains humble and welcomes all styles.

American Karate is a martial art by which a person can condition their body physically and mentally arriving at a state of well being, self-confidence and control. American Karate training places emphasis on teaching a system of techniques and strategies geared to provide students with a means to effectively defend themselves in the event of a personal attack. It combines skills of striking (punches, kicks, elbows) and grappling (locks, throws, take-downs, chokes) and also incorporates falling, rolling, throwing, and ground work. Students are trained in utilizing strikes to vital areas, employing pressure points strikes, and submission holds at closer fighting distances

Karate was first introduced to American service men after World War II by Japanese karate masters. Many of these US servicemen took their newfound skills to the United States and established their own schools. Today, all over the United States, American Karate schools teach techniques that compliment each other perfectly to provide a holistic and comprehensive self-defense system. It also teaches American values of hard work, honor, loyalty, justice, courage, truth, etiquette and self control. Learning American Karate encourages physical fitness, mental focus, discipline and respect that can be used in the students everyday aspects of life.

Sensei Harman

5th Degree Grand Master Black Belt with 40 years of experience that has been test in the ring and in the street. He trained under Joe Lewis American Karate a student of Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do known as the “Father of Mixed Martial Arts”.

Sensei Bonano

1st Degree Black Belt with

15 Years of Martial Arts training. He started in Kung Fu, Judo and Jiujitsu before falling in love with American Karate Training and it's traditional mixed martial arts street fighting concepts. He trains the adult and teen students in real application of self defense.

Sensei Ghniker

3rd Degree Black Belt with  30 Years in Kempo, Universal Movement MMA and American Freestyle Karate Training. He is  an intense fitness teacher  classes that loves American Karate. He is amazing with his fitness training and agility training.

Sensei Zulkowski

1st Degree Black Belt with 12 Years American Karate Training. He teaches our Kids classes. He is the foundation that gives the kids a beginning path to start their American Karate martial arts journey.

Sensei Hunsiker

1st Degree Black Belt with 7 Years American Karate Training. He teaches our Adult and Teens streetwise American Karate self defense classes with practical applications for the real world.  He love teaching technical details with our system to all ages.